Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Design LLC, founded in 2008, is a dynamic interior design firm that is highly sought.  Our expertise encompasses the design of interior spaces for impeccable lifestyles; we provide quality end results and stunning spaces for luxury residential properties.

Project Solutions
Jeffrey Design LLC develops a clear vision of the interior design project by meeting with the client to discuss their objectives and requirements.  Then we apply our thorough understanding of manufacturers and their products, and we utilize established relationships with showroom vendors to perfect a design congruent with the vision.

Real Estate Solutions
Jeffrey is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent and clearly understands “return on investment value” as it applies to the design of a property.  Jeffrey uses his real estate expertise to guide clients in making sound decisions that fulfill their lifestyle requirements and goals, providing both short- and long-term solutions.

What Jeffrey Has to Say
“I am intrigued with how people are living,” Jeffrey says.  He thrives on using textiles, furnishings, upholstery, accessories, and lighting to collaborate on a distinctive hue or a combination or pattern of hues, complementing style and period.  Self-taught, Jeffrey Design LLC provides great interior design services.

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