Sparkle & Bubble To Interior Design 2015

Sparkle and Bubble to Interior Design 2015, are you ready to see the possibilities for your home design?  Sure why not, dip your toes in the serenity of water with a little dab of olive oil for your bathtub.  Lifestyle is becoming more evident to slow down bypassing the rain shower and plunge yourself into […]

Need a smile for Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration

I want to wish you a smile with Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration.  There is nothing more exciting to see beautifully shiny hard candy throughout your home and to wait for you to take a big bite of the shiny ribbon candy or the old-fashioned hard candy.  Finding out the taste of different color hard candy is […]

Top Holiday Home Decor Picks 2014 By Jeffrey

Holiday is here and now to celebrate with your loved ones. It was a fun process and picked out the Holiday Top Choices Home Decor 2014 for you, family and friends. I selectively picked lamps, chairs, side tables, and wallcoverings as part of the inspiration process as each piece has its unique design elements. I […]