An Afternoon at the Hess Art Collection in Napa

An afternoon at the Hess Art Collection in Napa was perfectly intriguing as we approached the well-manicured property, the historic stone winery. Donald Hess began collecting art in 1966. The Swiss entrepreneur, Donald Hess, had extensive private contemporary Art Museum. I at any given time will take the opportunity to visit Contemporary Art Museums. The […]

Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse 2015

A trip out to the west in the Napa Valley was quite pleasant. It has been five years since I have been to Napa for a Family wedding. Napa Valley has progressed quite a substantially. Just a drive through Highway 29 and Silverado Trail just takes my breath away. The Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse […]

Adventure In The Antique World Market Is Not My Forte!

Adventure in the Antique Market World is not my forte! Why? Too many design elements displayed in hundreds or thousand of market spaces. Being in the environment makes my head spin, ADD kicks in a high speed, and creative juice goes haywire. I took a deep breath with a commitment to experience the unwanted and […]