Zephyr Known For Visually Stunning Range Hoods

Upon my arrival at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco for the Zephyr Blogger Retreat, I took the elevator to the designated floor and the elevator open to this lovely foyer before I proceed to my Hotel room.  What a way to feel warm welcome in the very stylish and chic Hotel. Zephyr is known for making visually […]

Feeding KBIS Attendees Nonstop With Inspiration Design Energy

KBIS(Kitchen Bath Industry Show) promotes brilliant way of feeding KBIS attendees nonstop with inspiration design energy for three consecutive days, a perfect way to start off the new year 2017. Modenus sent 24 Designers and Editors to KBIS 2017 in Orlando.  The show is a perfect collaboration among ourselves, Designers and Editors, to share our expertise […]