How Can Your Travels Inspire Your Home Decor?

Vacations do a lot more than give us a break from the daily grind. No matter where you travel, if you have an open mind, you’re almost guaranteed to meet new people, see new things, and discover new cultures. Each person has a story to share, every place has a past, and every culture is […]

Latest Trend in Cosmopolitan Big D (Dallas)

            I wish you the best of Fall Season and perfect weather to spend time with your loved ones.  Reach out for a Fall Fallen leaf and give this to a person and ask they do the same for others.         Yours truly, Jeffrey Johnson Photo Credits […]

Follow Jeffrey’s Vision On Instagram – Las Vegas Market and Design Camp

Good Morning!  Jeffrey is heading out to Las Vegas this morning to attend the Las Vegas Market and Design Camp. Jeffrey looks forward to sharing pictures with you as he uses his vision to capture the most appealing pieces of furniture and accessories at the Las Vegas Market and Design Camp.  Where can I be found?  Follow […]

New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.

New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.  New York City is the place where I go to get energized and expound creativity for my interior design business.  I am all about the creative process; yet, so important to get a different perspective in NYC highly known for interior design and […]

Laboratory modified Interior Design Elements

Laboratory modified interior design elements is a perfect example of recapturing historical memory lane and how we create forms, shapes and angles in the interior design creative process.  Every year in ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) attendees shall find furniture and accessories that will take them back to memory lane.  Memory lane create excitement and gratitude for many designers […]

Innovation of contemporary elements

Innovation of contemporary elements is the constant movement, dependable, reliable and functionality of architectural lifestyle. ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is held in New York City once a year.  This is my second year to attend.  The fair is one of my favorites to attend.  I go with conscious mind with no agenda, walk through many […]

Heading to NYC for Design Inspiration

Heading to NYC for Design Inspiration is an exciting trip for Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, and anyone love furniture/accessories/lighting.  ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, starts May 17th and ends May 20th.  When one has an opportunity to look for an investment to be a business expert in the Furniture industry, ICFF is one of the highly recommended […]