Zephyr Known For Visually Stunning Range Hoods

Upon my arrival at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco for the Zephyr Blogger Retreat, I took the elevator to the designated floor and the elevator open to this lovely foyer before I proceed to my Hotel room.  What a way to feel warm welcome in the very stylish and chic Hotel. Zephyr is known for making visually […]

Feeding KBIS Attendees Nonstop With Inspiration Design Energy

KBIS(Kitchen Bath Industry Show) promotes brilliant way of feeding KBIS attendees nonstop with inspiration design energy for three consecutive days, a perfect way to start off the new year 2017. Modenus sent 24 Designers and Editors to KBIS 2017 in Orlando.  The show is a perfect collaboration among ourselves, Designers and Editors, to share our expertise […]

Heading out next Tuesday to San Francisco and Napa Valley for Zephyr Blogger Retreat

Heading out next Tuesday to San Francisco and Napa Valley for Zephyr Blogger Retreat.  Jeffrey will join nine bloggers with very interesting and expert backgrounds in interior design, culinary, and lifestyle.

Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse 2015

A trip out to the west in the Napa Valley was quite pleasant. It has been five years since I have been to Napa for a Family wedding. Napa Valley has progressed quite a substantially. Just a drive through Highway 29 and Silverado Trail just takes my breath away. The Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse […]

11th Generation of the Guntrum Family To Make Wine in Nierstein, Germany

The 11th generation of the Guntrum Family to make wine in Nierstein, Germany. Louis Guntrum established in 1648, and since 2003 has been owned and operated by Louis Konstantin Guntrum. During the French Revolution, the Guntrum family fled across the Rhine River and temporarily relocated in Bensheim. In 1909, Louis Guntrum returned to Nierstein and […]

Living your lifestyle in the Thermador World

Thermador hosted a luncheon for the Modenus Blog Tour held at the Las Vegas Country Club.  I was thrilled after an amazing lunch to have chocolate to finish off my meal and happy smile for Jeffrey.  The dessert was quite tasting as I am a huge fan of chocolate.  Thanks to my Mother who also […]