Laboratory modified Interior Design Elements

Laboratory modified interior design elements is a perfect example of recapturing historical memory lane and how we create forms, shapes and angles in the interior design creative process.  Every year in ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) attendees shall find furniture and accessories that will take them back to memory lane.  Memory lane create excitement and gratitude for many designers wanting to add historical elements in the product development story.

How do we create?  Many designers take the time to explore out of the office strictly for creative process  and inspiration by hitting the pavements big cities as NYC, Paris, Milan, London, or Tokyo.  Designers carry pencils, pads, IPads, and smartphone to capture the creative process moments.  In the end results, designers have clear vision of their businesses throughout the year to better serve to the clients.

Laboratory modified interior design elements really captured my attention at ICFF and inspired to share with you my thoughts and photos.  Here are a few to share with you:

Jeffrey design blog jpg - glass beakers

Tom Kirk Lighting, Contemporary British design, based out of London, UK

The top photo, Cinolta Pendant, combines a handblown glass diffuser with an anodized aluminum body.  The glass is available in seven different colors.

Buoyant, unique lighting fixtures handmade in Brooklyn, NY .  

The bottom photo, low voltage LED light, with two products:  left one is Airon Glow and the right is Airon Snow.


Jeffrey Design blog jpg - ICFF2014 Watermark

Watermark Designs, Brooklyn based manufacturer of luxury faucets, showers, and bath accessories designed by world renown architects and designers.

The top and bottom photos, Elan Vital, new faucet lineup and reminds us of a simpler time.  The eye catching decor captures in the memory lane category 

jeffrey design blog jpg - icff2014 folditure

Folditure, new concept in folding furniture.  The thinnest, smallest, most elegant, comfortable, and sturdy folding furniture ever created.  

The top and bottom photos, The Cricket, a uniquely sturdy and compact table for 2..  It folds perfectly flat to just 0.75 of an inch.


Giving back to the community is important.  

I would like to introduce two Atlanta Interior designers, Kelley Murray Kole and Joann Carlozzo Kandrac, who is doing an amazing volunteer work to support the village of Labor De Falla in Guatemala.   They are in need of donations to help the families.  The ladies will be leaving this weekend to build a home for the families.  


Your donation to this organization is greatly appreciated, here is the link to make a donation:

I wish you, Kelly and Joann, the best of happiness and success in this project. 


Have a wonderful week!

Jeffrey Johnson

 Photo credit – Jeffrey Johnson with Jeffrey Design LLC. Note: no photo credit of Kelly and Joann by Jeffrey Johnson with Jeffrey Design LLC.





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