Live to eat or eat to live! Why not a German Lifestyle Premium Brand Appliances – Miele Combi-Steam Oven

The first thought in our mind when we vision German Lifestyle Premium Brands is to ‘start your engine’ for the autobahn, right.

Mind you not, morning routine has not begun yet to head out for the day. We cannot skip our most important meal of the day for our brain, heart, and energy. We have two choices: live to eat or eat to live

You should head to the Kitchen and turn on your German lifestyle leading premium brand, the new ‘Miele‘ combi-steam oven appliance.  The combi-steam oven is a pioneer in steam oven technology.   I just love the color ‘truffle’ as their chosen color for the Miele combi-steam oven.

Yes, we are always in a hurry during the week. Time management is so valuable for everyone on a daily basis. We can’t beat a 1/3 of the time savings in cooking a quick gourmet breakfast in the Miele combo-steam oven. 

What is even better?  You can replenish the water reservoir without having to open the door and interrupt the cooking process.  There are more than 100 automated programs for meats, vegetables, and grains.  You can select one of the programs by using your fingertip and scroll the menu left to right and vice versa.  

Lift-up control panel strategically hidden behind the panel are the water and condensate containers.

Jeffrey design blog jpg - Miele combi-steam oven

 While we are cooking, we can start our drink of the day – Coffee/espresso. The cool thing about the Miele Coffee System(CVA 4062 BRWS+) does not require plumbing. The reality is you have the flexibility to install the Miele Coffee System installed anywhere you wish in your home.   

Jeffrey Design Blog  - Miele Coffee System

Jeffrey Design Blog - Miele inside coffee system

I thoroughly enjoyed the Miele experience.  It is all about lifestyle and how we function in the Kitchen world to live to eat or eat to live. When you are ready for upgrades in your Kitchen or Kitchen renovation, reach out to Jeffrey.   Have a wonderful inspiration day!

Photos Credit – Jeffrey Johnson

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