Luxury Prizer Hoods Inspired By An Art Gallery

The Architectural Digest Design Home Show was sparingly inspiring. It was totally opposite of what I envisioned to be exactly as brand of the Architectural Digest Magazines. The show really displayed beautifully wide spectrum of styles across board especially vibrant colors, metals, and texture to fit in the design world of contemporary to traditional.

The Luxury Prizer Hoods inspired by an Art Gallery.  The Prizer Hoods sent message importance of customization and new color offerings.   The designers are very excited to share with clients unlimited customization opportunities to meet the clients’ lifestyle and personality and reflect it in Kitchen design. 

Prizer Hoods First Page Prizer Hoods Page twoPrizer Hoods Page Three

It is quietly humbled to have the experience and knowing my talent not afraid of colors apply the customization and color offerings to my clients. The clients shall love the option to create one of a kind hood for the Kitchen design.  When you are ready to interview designers for Kitchen project, be sure to reach out to me and I certainly appreciate the referrals.

Happy Easter 2014

Jeffrey Johnson

Photo Credit – Jeffrey Johnson

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