Need a smile for Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration

I want to wish you a smile with Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration.  There is nothing more exciting to see beautifully shiny hard candy throughout your home and to wait for you to take a big bite of the shiny ribbon candy or the old-fashioned hard candy.  Finding out the taste of different color hard candy is the excitement part and takes you to childhood memories.

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I love the idea of hand me downs of elegant and old-fashioned Christmas table linens you can display for your breakfast area and dining area.  It is just simply another easy way of decorating and adding a touch of decor for the Holiday.  Go find your Christmas table linens and spread it on your tables.

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The Blown glass reflector ornaments are my first memories through my childhood; therefore, this is my vision of old-fashioned Christmas style of Christmas celebration. The ornaments bring lots of characters and design elements to bring the shiny and glitter of the freshly Christmas tree.  One of the reasons I love it because it brings a smile to my face with joy.

Another way of saving money and bringing nature into your home is to add pine cones throughout your home in a bowl, platter, or on the Christmas tree.  I spray painted my cones solid white and silver for the Christmas tree.  I also just have the natural looking pine cones in a bowl for our Family room.  To get in the old-fashioned Christmas spirit, go out and pick pine cones for your lovely home. Your children and grandchildren will always love it.

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Who is not to love snow cookies? The fun part of eating snow cookies is to get powdered sugar all over your mouth or clothes. You have to laugh about it and another way to bringing a smile to your face. You have to be gentle to grab one of the snow cookies and kindly eat it without making a mess. Who cares? Old-fashioned Christmas celebration is all about sharing, laughing, hugging and being with your family and friends.

Here is the Christmas tree in our home.  We were excited to have a solid white artificial ten-foot Christmas tree perfectly suited for our contemporary home. After many years of green artificial Christmas tree, we were ready for a change and fitted perfectly for our Living area.  I hope you enjoy looking at the tree daytime and nighttime.

Christmas Tree 6805

Christmas Tree 6809

Christmas Tree 6811

Time to slow down and just eight days away, Christmas Eve will be here. It is now the time to slow down, reflect what’s important vs. not important, focus on family/friends not on things, and take care of yourself first, and everyone else will be fine. Please share this with your sphere of influence.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you!

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