Quaint To Hip Right Here In Soho with Michele Varian

Quaint to hip right here in Soho with Michele Varian, her space brought me back to childhood memories of Uncle Ben’s store in a very small town, Shubuta, Mississippi.  It is the architecture, the sounds, the vibe, and the list goes on.  I felt right at home and my dear friend Will Arriaga spoke very highly of Michele Varian and her store.

Michelle has beautiful drawings in a huge binder book and translates the drawings to wall covering.  Oh man, I wish I can draw.  You will find some images below her wall coverings.  Her space has lots of unique accessories applicable to every day use for your home.  

jeffrey Design blog jpg - Michele Varian Main Page

jeffrey design blog jpg - michele varian page 2

If you are out and about in NYC, stop by Michele Varian @27 Howard Street NYC 10013.   You can order online at Michele Varian Shop.

Take care!

Happy Easter 2014

Jeffrey Johnson



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