Sparkle & Bubble To Interior Design 2015

Sparkle Bubble Interior Design 2015

Sparkle and Bubble to Interior Design 2015, are you ready to see the possibilities for your home design?  Sure why not, dip your toes in the serenity of water with a little dab of olive oil for your bathtub.  Lifestyle is becoming more evident to slow down bypassing the rain shower and plunge yourself into the bathtub and let the stress trickle to the drainage.


Now is the time to reflect and reinvent classic luxury design back to your home. Simple elements here and there can jazz timeless lifestyle for you and your family.


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Invest in oversized canvases or large print wallcovering, find a wall space for your home and let the statement of artwork speak for itself.



Ready or not!  Bold colors especially in the “Blue Color Family” are a classic way to bring the elegance touch to your home.

Farrow & Ball Drawing Room Blue

drawing blue color

Sherwin Williams CloudBurst

DSCN1242Jeffrey’s favorite personal quote for you!



Be present, kind, take care of yourself, and slow down for 2015.

Happy New Year 2015
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See you next year!

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Johnson

Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design LLC

Photo background with Jeffrey’s quote – Laurie Laizure

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