Blanco America created a lifestyle piece of art, Blanco Attika!

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A Family owned company since 1925, Blanco America,  created a lifestyle piece of art, Blanco Attika,  a drop in sink with raise architectural rim. Being a very visual interior designer, it is extremely important the details are top priority in the sink design world.  I value this a huge significance to lifestyle and want to minimize the stress for clients when working and hanging out in the Kitchens.  Kitchens are the central focus of  everyday lifestyle where we begin our day and end our night.  Functionality and durability is crucial to long term use and the beauty of the product and easy to use to maintain living requirements to survive.  It is quite interesting how sensitive clients are about their kitchens and I totally get it. 

Blanco America Attika

Blanco America just recently covered the importance of Earth day and how to preserve the environment such saving water yet be sustainable, practical and intensive.  

Blanco America did four part series of  videos  about Earth Day tip from Designers for a Healthy home. 

Part Series 1 – 

Part Series 2 – 

Part Series 3 – 

Part Series 4 – 

Earth Day will always be around and great way to remind companies when creating new products and how it will impact the environment yet sustainable for consumers.  

I am heading to the Kitchen.

Have a wonderful day!

Jeffrey Johnson

Photo Credit – Blanco America



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