Innovation of contemporary elements

Innovation of contemporary elements is the constant movement, dependable, reliable and functionality of architectural lifestyle.

ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is held in New York City once a year.  This is my second year to attend.  The fair is one of my favorites to attend.  I go with conscious mind with no agenda, walk through many rows of the event, allow my creative juice kick in, be present and take notice in shapes, textures, and appreciation of workmanships.  

Meystyle LED Wallpaper and Fabric is a great concept and technology by incorporating lights in wallpaper.  I think it is brilliant, energy efficient, and not having to use lights other than LED wallpaper for any given space such entry way, bathrooms, or living areas.  

meystyle LED Wallpaper and Fabric

BiSilla Chairs by Two Six Creative Design is an eye catching symmetry shape yet very stylish as you want to see in a lobby.  I like the two-color concept done purposely for your eyes to take notice the movement of the chairs. 

Two SixXS side + drawer table by Wfour is created from solid hardwoods with open air concept and choices of fun color base.  The shape of legs were carefully thought out projecting very strong and sturdy solid hardwood for years to last. 

WFourLondon Chair with 2-tone walnut with mid-century influence by JD Janosi Designs.  My eyes are drawn to the tufted-button perfectly added element to the very interesting shape and design of the chair and ottoman.  

JD Janosi DesignsThe invisible light switch so classic and elegant by Forbes & Lomax is quite captivating.   The company has been in the business over 25 years selling to Architects and Designers.  The clear switch plate cover is perfectly designed to show off the displayed feature and finish of the invisible light switch. 

Forbes & LomaxArt form by Sonneman – Way of Light has its purpose in pioneering the modern lighting making it clean line to form and function.  The elements of Sonneman is striving in the evolutionary and the revolutionary of cosmopolitan American style.   Great example below is the Corona LED Ring Pendant.

Sonneman Way of LightThese are above a few elements shown in ICFF.  I look forward sharing more elements in future blog posts with you.  Inspiration is what keeps us moving and forever grateful to our fellows in the innovation process of contemporary elements. 

Have a great week!

Jeffrey Johnson


Photo Credit – Jeffrey Johnson




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