Jeffrey took a hiatus in blogging since April for many reasons

jeffrey is back from hiatus

Jeffrey took a hiatus in blogging since April for many reasons due to an amazing economy and business opportunities. It has been exhilarating ride this year creating beautiful spaces for several interior design projects. Also, I get to see lovely real estate homes and provide real estate services for my referral clients. I have the luxury to offer an eye of my interior design skill sets to clients the best properties to buy for their lifestyle needs and investments. While in the midst of managing clients in the interior design projects and real estate needs, I have over a year working as a Chief of Design for NYC based Startup Company,, interactive 3D model of clients’ homes. The exciting news for Roomored is currently in private beta testing and relocating to Dallas, Texas in October. I love the fact all of the things I provide services today related to residential lifestyles.

I am looking into one of my two favorite seasons of the year, Fall. It is now the time to take a break from the Texas Heat till next Summer and move forward to the cool weather and experience changing of the Fall colors. To breath and feel the coolness gets me every time in the Fall. What a perfect time to open your windows at home and in your vehicle and enough of the A/C for the last several months. I want fresh air.

DSCN1964Photo credit by Jeffrey Johnson – Port Austin, Michigan


Heading out to High Point World Furniture Market in mid-October with hopes to see more Fall colors driving through North Carolina from Charlotte to High Point.  It is gratifying to see many interior designer friends from all over the country here at High Point Market.  I plan to spend three full days on a full speed scouting furniture and accessories.  I am all about supporting and promoting Interior Designers with their product launches.

Here are couple of my favorites from High Point Spring Market 2015:


Bolier & Co





Roomored – One Stop Shop Concept

What does this mean for Interior Designers?

Roomored started as a goal to solve problems for Interior Designers. It aims to redefine the ‘one stop shop’ concept, where designers can not just shop but design, decorate and shop from one destination.

Initially an Ipad App, Roomored lets you design interior spaces using a virtual replica of your clients’ homes. Roomored provides you the ability to design your client’s spaces by letting you select, place and move around furniture and accessories, all in real time. Designers will then be able to shop furniture and accessories they’ve designed with directly from the app.

How does this work for an Interior Designers’ business solutions?

Roomored’s iPad app has the functionality to take and submit pictures of your clients’ spaces. The Roomored 3D team will use those photos to build a digital replica of your room within 24 – 48 hours.

Now the fun begins! You can start redecorating and redesigning the clients’ spaces using the very intuitive Roomored iPad App, and shopping directly from the App.

Why Should Interior Designers select Roomored?

Roomored is an end to end solution for Interior Designers. Roomored is a design platform that will significantly simplify interior designers work life, by allowing you to design, decorate and shop from one destination.

Visit our website,, to request access, watch our company video and take a sneak peek into the App.


For further inquiries, send to

Have a wonderful week.

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Jeffrey Johnson

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