New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.

New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.  New York City is the place where I go to get energized and expound creativity for my interior design business.  I am all about the creative process; yet, so important to get a different perspective in NYC highly known for interior design and fashion.

“From Runway to Runner – The Creative Process in Design and Fashion led by Jeffrey Johnson, Interior Designer with Jeffrey Design LLC and Will Arriaga, Fashion event consultant.  Special guests include Britt Bivens, Principal of Ace of Swords and Cristina Ottaviano, fashion designer.  

Discussed and shared details about the creative process in interior design and fashion, Johnson and Arriaga talked about professional experiences of the creative process for the Modenus Talks part of the Blog Tour NYC, May 19, 2014.

modenus talks 1 During my NYC travel for Modenus Talks, ICFF, and Wanted Design,  I took the opportunity to meet a dear friend, Keith Carlisle, at the Isaia showroom and  he was on a buying trip for Stanley Korshak.  Stanley Korsak, luxury retail store, is comprised of a collection of shops – the Bridal Salon, the Shak, and the Main Store, which cover 65, 000 square feet at the Crescent.   I met Keith Carlisle twenty years ago this month on the subway in NYC.  It turned out we both live in Dallas, Texas and been friends ever since.

I was so inspired in the Isaia Showroom at Crown Building NYC.  The men’s coats were amazingly beautiful, colors were to die for, the patterns were so striking, and you can pick up one coat with two fingers so light.  Iasia menswear is a luxury brand.  Consumers take for granted the creative process for fashion that goes behind the scene to the mainstream to where we wear beautiful clothes out in public on a daily basis.  Isaia ShowroomWe all love to share stories.  When I walked through ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) I ran into Kory Drahos who is a friend of my dear friend in Jackson, Mississippi.  Kory, photographer, is from Mississippi Gulf Coast and lives in NYC.  Kory shared with me about John Lyle Design.  It turns out John Lyle is also from Jackson, Mississippi.  Ironically, I grew up in Jackson and surprisingly I had not met John Lyle.  

john lyle with jeffrey

Photo: John Lyle and Jeffrey Johnson taken at MOMA (Modern of Museum Art) in NYC. 

Kory introduced me to John Lyle.  Furniture Designer, John Lyle, over 25 years in NYC designed luxury furniture and accessories.  I find his pieces in terms of style gravitate toward classic, elegant, seamless, and no fear of color.   I selected a few pieces that I liked very much and wanted to share with you.

rubicon table rubic

Rubicon Table is polished bronze and architectural brown bronze.

Klismo Chair Gold Logo klismochair

 Klismo Chair Gold 

Elizabeth Buffet Logo Elizabeth_Buffet

 Elizabeth Buffet – Bone Trim and Bronze Handles (inset)

Christofi lounge logo Christophi_Lounge

 Christofi Lounge Chair (outdoor) Purple Heart (custom color)

To be inspired for your business, take the risk and investment in your creative process for your specific industries.  I promise you will come back with great inspiration stories that you must share with others.



Photo Credits:

Interior Design and Fashion Creative Process – Modenus Talks

Jeffrey and John – Jeffrey Design LLC

John Lyle Designs –  Gary Moran, Photographer

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