One flower at a time in the Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market District

On the first day of the Modenus Blog Tour, we bloggers met outside with Floral Designer Tess Casey and her staff sponsored by WestEdge Design Fair LA in the Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market District.  Floral Designer Tess is known for one of the many things her flowers are shown in the famous shows and movies “Sex and the City” and “Devil Wears Prada”.

As you can imagine we Bloggers no telling what is going on in our blurring heads and bodies on major adrenaline feeling the cold day, we began the journey in the real lifestyle of a Floral Designer hitting the pavement, scouting and getting our feet wet in the world of Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market District.

I am getting really excited as much as I love and have respect for flowers entering each of the markets, Floral Designers everywhere picking one flower at a time for their projects of the day and placing them on the shelves designated for the floral designer.  Bloggers are awe in the  aroma of the flowers afraid to touch them so pretty and fragile.  We pull out our cameras and taking pictures of the still life moment of the flowers not knowing who was to take them away and be displayed for their beauty at a special event.

Photo taken By Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Design Blog JPG - Flower Market Chelsea

Now we headed over to Tess Casey’s business loft like space in the Chelsea Flower Market District.  As we walked in to her space, I was pleasantly surprised the ample size space considered by New York standard size in residential or office space not large by any imagination.  My first thought I could live in this space if I were to live in NYC.  The space consist of white walls with large windows at least 14 feet or higher ceilings.  It was absolutely stunning.  

Breakfast were laid out for us to mingle to adapt in the surrounding space and knowing in our head we have a floral class spearheaded by the world well known Floral Designer Tess Casey.  There was a very long table laid out for Bloggers a stool for each and where we will create our own flower arrangements.  Tess has the amazing personality that we began to feel ease as we have known her forever and very delightful to be around. 

Tess begun the class showing how she makes very simple arrangements that looks like a million dollar arrangement.  She talked about mechanics which I have never heard of the term as I had been a delivery boy in my high school years for my Aunt, an owner of floral shop.  The mechanics are things to use inside a base before you begin  the designing process of floral arrangements.  One great example, use scotch tape and create a tic tac format so the flower can be position inside the square of the tic tac format.  

Here is an example of Tess Casey’s simple yet very elegant and speaks quality arrangement in volumes.

Photo Taken By Jeffrey Johnson


Tess spoke about her experience on the Movie set “Sex and the City” and how many she had to make I believe it was like 50 bouquets where Carrie Bradshaw ran to Big and hit him really really hard with the Bouquet.

Photo Taken of the picture scene in Tess Casey’s space by Jeffrey Johnson


Here is my flower arrangement I did.  PLEASE DO NOT LAUGH!  We are in a group setting making our flower arrangements.  Tess encouraged me to take a picture of it. Thanks to Tess for building my confidence and pass this on to show to my life partner who is very talented making fresh flower arrangements for our home.

Photo Taken By Jeffrey Johnson



Here is the perfect intimate moments of two powerful yet humble women who are very passion in what they do.  Veronika Miller, founder of the Modenus Blog Tour, with her stunning floral arragment and Tess in love that her mission accomplished with our group an effort of making individual beautiful floral arrangements.

Photo Taken By Jeffrey Johnson


 It was just an amazing event to remember….Thanks for the memories.


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