Jeffrey Johnson Shares Local to Global in 24 Months using Social Media – SMB Dallas Feb. 2015 Mtg

Jeffrey Johnson is a leading Interior Designer and Social Media Guru, growing his business from local to global. Representing global brands, Johnson has become a world leader and is the Google + moderator for the Interior Design Community of 38K+.

Jeffrey Johnson, Jeffrey Design LLC

PRLogFeb. 23, 2015DALLASHow does one grow a social media network in a short amount of time and an audience that takes you from local to global recognition and a global audience?  Jeffrey Johnson has done just that and will present at the upcoming SMB Dallas ( Thursday, February 26, 2015.Jeffrey Johnson has had a varied career and this path through social media has taken him down a path few achieve.  Starting as a project manager in the telecom industry, then Interior Design and now Social Media Guru, Johnson has rebranded himself and now is sought after by large organizations and brands.
Jeffrey Johnson, Jeffrey Design LLC
Attending a Design Blogging Conference in 2012, Johnson attended to learn new ways to showcase his design business.  The Google + group now boasts 38K members and Johnson is a moderator for the interior design community.  This all has taken place within a 2 year period, just 24 months.  Johnson says social media is a great platform for your business, going local to global, it is about taking risk, it is about having no fear, it is about getting acquainted with your pears, the best solution to grow your business.Inviting other designers to follow him might seem odd to some as you want to keep your designs under cover, but Johnson found this very beneficial.  Before long major brands started following him too and asking him to blog about their products.Johnson says, “Don’t ever underestimate yourself, fear is a thing, and mistakes are redirection to success.”Social media is ever changing and SMB Dallas is an organization that collectively presents and practices social media platforms, tools, metrics, applications, ROI and case studies.  We are excited and honored to host Johnson at the upcoming February 2015 meeting.  SMB Dallas is a free event so registration is critical if you want a seat for most months.  To register visit Eventbrite (…) – Local to Global in 24 months Using Social Media.  And to hear more from Johnson about his experiences with social media and joining SMB Dallas check out YouTube (

Cathy D Claterbaugh, Founder and President of c12 Concepts ( and SMB Dallas Board Member says, “I am personally excited to hear Jeffrey Johnson share how he grew his business through social media and now is being approached by major brands.  Traveling all over the world to offer opinions and ideas about brands sounds like a great gig to me, and Johnson has achieved this through social media.  I want a front row seat!”

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