Summer Beach Cottage Decor Pillows – Seahorses

Summer Beach Cottage Decor Pillows are a great way to inspire many individuals. Summer is an exciting season for families and friends to head out to the beach for vacation.  It is the salt water that rejuvenates our souls and inspires happiness.   Seahorses have always been a favorite of mine and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the beach.  I saw a seahorse when I was a child and was so fascinated with its unique shape.  I wanted to share with you the many decor pillows I found of seahorses.  Many people have second homes on the beach.  I personally (not being biased) think seahorses should be part of your home decor pillows.  Once can be creative picking a color that fits your home decor and apply it to a seahorse design.  Home decor pillows are an inexpensive way to change the decor of your beach cottage.
jeffrey design blog - seahorse 1

jeffrey design blog - seahorse 2

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Ten Facts about Seahorses

  1. Seahorses are fish

  2. Seahorses are bad swimmers

  3. Seahorses live around the world

  4. There are 53 species of seahorses

  5. Seahorses eat nearly constantly

  6. Many seahorses mate for life

  7. Male seahorses give birth

  8. Seahorses are experts in camouflage

  9. Humans uses seahorses in many ways

10. Seahorses are vulnerable to extinction



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Enjoy your summer travel to the beach!  Go check out the seahorses.

Jeffrey Johnson

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