Top Knobs In Handcrafted Solid Bronze Pieces

Top Knobs just recently rolled out 43 new handcrafted solid bronze pieces in Contemporary Finishes,  Aspen II Collection.  I find this quite fascinating that each solid bronze Aspen II pieces is hand-cast from 90% recycled bronze and hand finished in three plated finishes: Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel and Brushed Satin Nickel. The Collection reflects old-world shape and style with contemporary finishes.

IMG_5579Photo Credit By Top Knobs

Here at KBIS 2015, just a few of the many hardware selections to choose for your home or business.  The consumers with no limitations the choices of hardware for their style and personality embedded throughout the home. I would suggest using the hardware for you furniture drawers outside the kitchens and bathrooms areas.  I am all for breaking rules because many of the Top Knobs Hardware can look fantastic on the furniture pieces. I think this is consumers’ opportunity to express your lifestyle.

DSCN4545Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

DSCN4547Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

I wanted to share with you quite a few lovely hardware pieces such an inspiration design to appreciate and love.

Mercer Europa

Mercer_EuropaPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

Merer Glacier

Mercer_GlacierPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

Mercer Holland

Mercer_HollandPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

Mercer Oculus

Mercer_OculusPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

Mercer Quilted

Mercer_QuiltedPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

Mercer Tango

Mercer_TangoPhoto Credit By Top Knobs

It was such a pleasure creating the blog post. I have such an appreciation for designers who took the time and energy to create the beautiful hardware in all forms and shapes to showcase for your home or office space.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Johnson

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