Toto Offers Smart Way Of Living in The Moment

Toto Neorest toilet offers a smart way of living in the moment in the modern bathroom. Innovative and attentive to your consistent need, technology and design has come long way and has brought together to deliver a sense of stillness like no other. Neorest remembers the water temperature you require and even recognize your approach and prepare.  It is an evolution and catered your needs in every moment. Neorest offers the peak lifestyle of luxury.

Toto designs simple, brilliant, elegant solutions for basic human needs.

FullSizeRenderPhoto Credit By Jeffrey Design

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DSCN4562Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

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Aimes – Widespread Faucet Showerhead

DSCN4577Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

Luminist – Lighted Round Vessel LavatoryDSCN4580Photo Credit by Jeffrey Design

Luminist – Rectangle Vessel LavatoryDSCN4584Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

Beautifully lighted mirror

Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design

Toto’s Vision

Every TOTO innovation has a single motivation: helping people feel cleaner and more alive. That means a TOTO bathroom is always more than a routine. It’s a ritual where every innovation, every detail, is designed with you in mind.


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I truly believe consumers don’t take toilets seriously when it comes to conserving water and the importance of investing dollars to buy quality toilets to protect our environment for now and the future. Be kind to our water supply.

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