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Travel inspiration for color is such an awesome experience in Maui.  I always bring my camera along with my smart phone for trips and take pictures that capture my eyes.  Colors play a big part of my personal and professional life.  The photo below was taken in a helicopter tour.   I took the opportunity to take as many pictures, good or bad, and I can remove the bad ones later.   I wanted to share with you from an interior design perspective and share examples of furniture and accessories that tie in with the nature colors.  It is quite amazing to the eye one can see multiple nature colors in one given area and how one can apply the same interior design method in one area of your home or the whole area of your home as a theme.

Jeffrey Design Blog - Maui #1

We stayed in the lovely area of Wailea at the property of Wailea Beach Villas.  I am a huge fan of tropical flowers and trees.  I believe it is the lush and rich factor of colors that capture my eyes.

jeffrey design blog - maui #2

jeffrey design blog - Maui #3

jeffrey design blog - Maui#4

We took a road trip up to the 10,000+ altitude to see the crater in Maui.  I am scared of heights and yet very determined to see the crater.  It is worth the nerve wrecking drive and try many occasions not to look down the deep drop sheer of cliffs through narrow roads.  I was in such awe and my eyes were fixated on a new world of the crater itself.   I encourage for travelers to see it when in Maui.  I promised it is one of the must see experiences for your travels.  It is quite chilling weather so bring a sweater or windbreaker jacket. 

jeffrey design blog - maui #5

I look forward going back to Maui and check out the rest of the island I did not get to see.  

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Johnson

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