We want lifestyle, how do we capture the DXV movement? Seize the moment!

We want lifestyle, how do we capture the DXV movement?  Seize the moment not what’s if but focus on now what’s next.  As you can see the picture, I see the glass panel as an inspiration to the design movement in the waiting area of DXV Showroom NYC.  I was so captivated by the intimate lifestyle showroom.  I wanted to seize the moment and be part of the lifestyle.  To see the DXV showroom, please make an appointment as it is required and a must see space well worth your time.  Seize your moment and get inspired watching the videos of several designers before moving on to experience the feel and touch of the DXV products

Photos taken by Jeffrey JohnsonIMG_4737



Here are some of the highlights mentioned from their press release that I personally would think you would enjoy reading about the DXV by American Standard:

DXV by American Standard is a new flagship luxury bathroom and kitchen brand that celebrates and draws on the storied plumbing company’s rich history, now in its 15th decade. DXV by American Standard comprises a premium selection of meticulously crafted fixture and faucet collections curated into four broad movements: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today). Each of these movements contains one or two bathroom fixture suites — tubs, toilets, sinks, and lavatories — and complementary faucet collections that reimagine and reinterpret historically significant designs. “Fixtures are the cornerstone of the DXV brand,” Monteleone noted. “Faucets are the complementary element. They add variety and nuance, or contrast and complexity to the ensemble, just as accessories do to a suit or dress.

“And like fashion, fixtures and faucets from different movements, collections and sources can be combined to create excitingly personal spaces in which timeless designs from disparate eras fall into an aesthetically stimulating dialogue, Monteleone continued.

 Decade 15

In a unique move, DXV will be establishing an online and print community for designers, architects and creative individuals to discuss their experience with the products in the real world and spark inspiration among their peers. To start the conversation, DXV is collaborating with an inaugural group of six well-established designers — all influential bloggers — to create six highly individual spaces drawing on the DXV portfolio of products. 

The designers will blog about their projects, which will be published in Decade 15 print magazine as well as on the DXV website. They will not only share information, insights and inspirations generated by using the various DXV collections, but also engage in a dynamic two-way conversation with other professionals and interested consumers about the larger universe of good, beautiful design and how DXV’s philosophy and aesthetics fit into it. 

DXV by American Standard will be available through an exclusive network of American Standard showrooms and dealers across North America. 

Photos taken by Jeffrey Johnson



Here are links to know more about DXV: 

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Final thoughts for you, when you are thinking about renovations, ready to be inspired, check out their exclusive network of American Standard Showrooms and dealers across North America. I will be happy to assist you the Bathroom and Kitchen design process.

Design to inspire!






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