11th Generation of the Guntrum Family To Make Wine in Nierstein, Germany

Louis Guntrum

The 11th generation of the Guntrum Family to make wine in Nierstein, Germany. Louis Guntrum established in 1648, and since 2003 has been owned and operated by Louis Konstantin Guntrum. During the French Revolution, the Guntrum family fled across the Rhine River and temporarily relocated in Bensheim. In 1909, Louis Guntrum returned to Nierstein and founded the Louis Guntrum winery as known today. In February 1945, during World War II, U.S.General Patton occupied the winery and the family mansion, having crossed the Rhein river directly at the Louis Guntrum estate. The current generation focused on producing high-quality wines that are produced with passion and rooted in history.

The Louis Guntrum cellars lay on the banks of the Rhine between Oppenheimer and Nierstein. The 11th generation, Louis Konstantin Guntrum, the sole owner, is managing the estate today. It was quite lovely property and to appreciate the view of the Rhine River. Louis and his family were great hosts to walk us through the cellars and tried several wines throughout each course of the meal.

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If you are ever in the area of Nierstein, Germany, be sure to stop and visit.  The Guntrum Family are quite nice and lovely.  He mentioned they do lots of business in Mississippi, my home state.  It was quite nice to hear the word “Mississippi” as part of Louis presentation.

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