Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry Shows off Pet Parlor at Kitchen Bath Industry Show

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry shows off pet parlor at the Kitchen Bath Industry Show.  Are you planning a Mud Room for your home?  If so, you should consider incorporating pet parlor as part of the Mud Room.  We think about our loved one pets as part of our family.  No reason or excuse not to create a space for our loved one pets.

Lifestyle and Mission Collide in PAWSitive Partnership at Kitchen Bath Industry Show (KBIS). It was very exciting to see Wood-Mode and Susquehanna Service Dogs brought four service dogs at KBIS. I loved seeing the service dogs demonstrated the newest lifestyle concept – the Pet Parlor. Wood-Mode first partnered with Susquehanna Service Dogs in production of a concept video casting SSD Midge, a three-year-old yellow Labrador, to demonstrate the features of the Pet Parlor.

The Pet Parlor concept launched in Fall 2014. This concept relies more on functional additions to a utility or mud room designed with the pet in mind. For example, drawers with built in dog bowls, large utility sinks for bathing and grooming, as well as ample storage for food, toys, and brushes.

IMG_7112Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design LLC

wood-mode PAWSitive PartnershipPhoto Credit by Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

IMG_7116Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design LLC

IMG_7117Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design LLC

Susquehanna Service Dogs recently announced the birth of eight new puppies. As part of the ongoing partnership, SSD bestowed the honor of naming the new litter to Wood-Mode. Keeping with the theme of luxury, the Wood-Mode litter includes: Hermes, Coco, Dolce, Tiffany, Royce, Louis, Coach, and Marcus.

Watch the new pups’growth via webcam here:


IMG_7113Photo Credit By Jeffrey Design LLC

Be sure to give your loved ones a big hug and take them on daily walks.  We walked our chocolate lab, Bentley, twice a day and he absolutely loves it.  As you can see him waits in my office and ready for his second daily walk.

bentley100814 copy

Did you know Daylight Time Savings just thirteen days away?

Have an awesome week.

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